Thursday, March 23, 2006

Psychic household items

Jenny Crusie has blogged about her iPod reading her mind, and my husband has sworn it's happened to him, so my iPod behaving in a psychic manner seems almost a given. I think I can handle a psychic iPod. You just make up something about the battery and magnets and the power of sound and the genius of Steve Jobs and you've got enough to build a rationalization on. None of this, though, is going to explain my LOTR page-a-day calendar. It's been better than a horoscope for predicting my day for so long now that I found myself flipping the page this morning and wondering what my day had in store for me. It's a closeup of Frodo drawing a glowing Sting out of his scabbard. So, apparently I can look forward to today being full of Orcs. Very well, send them on. Just remember, I have STING. And I've had fencing lessons.


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