Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Has anybody else felt more energized recently?  Like the very air is electric?  Maybe this happens every spring and I just don't pay attention, but I swear this year is different.  It's like the earth is humming.  I think it's a good hum, but like all things I imagine "good" is always open for interpretation. I think this is why I'm being a contest slut, and that every time I turn around I'm planning a family trip to somewhere.  Also, they're usually around writing conferences, I'm noticing. I'm also sewing again.  And making a sari to wear at nationals, God help me.  But it's really going to be pretty.  I'll try to post a picture when I'm done.  The only thing with livejournal is I"ll be damned if Ican figure out how to load a picture properly. But I just can't switch to blogger.  I  heart livejournal. But yeah, there's energy.  I like it.  Creation energy, power energy.  Good for writers, I hope. 


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