Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Terry Pratchett, I heart you big time

Okay, I have been wading slowly into Terry Pratchett over the last few years.  I am starting to wade faster.

Going Postal was a work of art, and I really need my own copy.  Soon.  I love anything with Death or Vimes, better when it's both.  But I just finished Guards!  Guards! and it was so good I just sat there and stared blissfully into space, drunk on book.

And then I realize how much of this brilliant man's work is out there which I have not yet had the pleasure to read.  And he's still alive and writing.

Mr. Pratchett, I'm reasonably sure I do not want to have another baby.  But if you showed up tonight and said as little as please, I would have one for you.  Just you.

And David Tennant.  But you know, he'd be absolutely required to participate in the production.  Probably in mutliple sessions, just to make sure we got it done right.

Ah, yes.  Husband links to this blog.  Well,  show up at the door wearing your brown suit and we'll pretend you're David T.

Right.  Possibly not a good idea to author blog posts while enjoying a shot of Jameson's.


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